Description : Anaerobic Adhesive Dispenser


Anaerobic/thread locker dispensing machine is a semiautomatic dispensing system designed to provide precision dispensing of adhesives or other materials. It is capable of handling viscosities ranging from liquids to semiliquid’s. All contact components are constructed of plastic materials to allow dispensing of the most aggressive Adhesives, Rubber Glue, low viscous grease and Oils.

Anaerobic Adhesive Dispenser includes a control box, housing the timer, one pressure gauge, regulator, a anaerobic dispensing valve, a valve stand and a pressure reservoir. A foot switch, as well as all hoses and connections are also included. The system is operated by a programmable digital timer. The large LCD display offers time ranges from 0.01 seconds to 9999 hours with repeat accuracy of + -0.2%.


Technical Specifications –

Pressure pot size

Dispensing valve


Power supply

Air Supply

1 lit – 10 lit

Anaerobic valve

Paddle operated with timer control



2-5 Bar

SMLI make Anaerobic valve -

SMLI make Anaerobic valve:


  • Material operating air pressure: 0 to 6 bar
  • Operation of disc: 2-way, 5/2 solenoid valve
  • Valve size: 30 mm X 68 mm
  • Weight: 180 grams
  • Valve head material: Delrin
  • Mounting M 5 X 0.8
  • Fluid inlet port 1/8” BSP
  • Maximum fluid pressure: 4 bar 

Features -

  • Precise dispense-control of low viscosity materials using dispensing valves. Easy refill with easy opening SS reservoir tanks.
  • Large, clearly marked air pressure control
  • Dispenses the Anaerobic Adhesives, low viscous Rubber Glue, and oils.
  • Digital timer offers time ranges from 0.01 seconds to 9999.
  • Precise dispensing of adhesives or other material with viscosity ranging Liquid to semi solid
  • Standard bottle: 250 ml
  • Time range: 0.0001 to 9999
  • Electronic timer: Digital, 9 different timing ranges
  • Dispensing valve working pressure: 2-5 Bar

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